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In the game of Second Life I am known as Latamier Longstaff. I am a builder as well as a business owner. I have ran various businesses through the years. Among these were a flea market, various stores and shops and even a club.

Below are some of my favorite creations that I have built through the years. Most of my time was spent setting up and running businesses. Mostly to experiment with different business models, I usually came back to building every time. I would mostly build things that we needed for the new business.

My most favorite time in there was when we had our own sim. There is no better freedom in SL than having 15,000 prims at your disposal.  It was a role play sim that catered to the medieval crowd. One day I will have to jump back in and make an entire set of the buildings for sale.

Second Life has long since passed its peak but it is still going strong. Linden Labs is always working on something for it. There is enough of a following to keep it going, at least at this writing. There are between 35,000 to 55,000 accounts on most of the time. I am not sure how many of these are bots versus real players, but I am at least hoping most of real people.

If you are wondering what Second Life is, check out their site for a nice overview and to get started.


So without further ado, I present my favorites:

Elizabeth Manor

One of my favorite building creations, Elizabeth Manor is a goth, yet modern style. It features the roof balcony and a secret basement / dungeon with hidden staircase.

Find it here on marketplace to see additional information and features.

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