Here’s a quick overview of the person behind this site:

Some of the things I am interested in:

  • Woodworking during the warmer months
  • Food and Diets
  • Money issues and tips
  • Making Music
  • Life hacks
  • Memes
  • Links to things I use or find awesome
  • Lots of pictures
  • My collections
  • and probably more than I can remember now

I make:

  • Vlog & other styles of videos
    • What I am thinking vlogs
    • How to do something videos
    • Behind the scenes of me making music
    • Any other type that comes to mind
  • Weird rockish type of music
    • Mostly instrumental
    • Some are kind of creepy
    • Some sound like mix of Psychedelic rock and Hardcore Hip Hop
  • Different types of merchandise
    • I’m a big fan of print on demand
    • I design about anything I can find available that is ready to be made and shipped

What you wont find here:

  • Political opinion bashing
    • I have very few and will probably share them somewhere but just like religious viewpoints, all will remain positive
  • Religious topics shoved down your throat or bashed
    • There may be discussions where I share my opinion but this will not become a place that people knock down other beliefs
  • Other topics based on negativity
Ralph Mickeys business card picture with URLs to website, Facebook page, YouTube page and Patreon Account.